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Hollywood. Branson. Las Vegas. These three well-known cities all have one thing in common: they know how to use lights to make a statement and grab attention. And each time someone uses a light, it sends a message.

No matter what city you live in, you too can use lights to send a message. With event lights rentals from Hollywood Lights in Springfield, MO, you can draw in a crowd and create the perfect mood for your next sale, party, or grand opening.

Lights for Any Occasion

Whether you're opening a new restaurant, hosting a concert at your venue, or throwing a party, you deserve to attract as many guests as possible. You want your event to speak volumes, and you want your guests to remember every detail long after the event ends.

To help make your event memorable and grip the attention of your attendees, use any combination of our single-beam lighting to illuminate your location. We even provide generators, electric heaters, and power distributors so your lights shine all night long!

And the best part? Our light rentals are incredibly affordable! Whether you live in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, or Illinois, we'll proudly provide you with the lights you need to make the event in your city stand out.

Lights, Camera, Action

Ready to reserve your party lighting rentals for your next event? Call Hollywood Lights in Springfield, MO at (417) 224-2044 or email us at 
contact@springfieldsearchlight.com. You can also browse through our gallery to see how our clients have used our light rentals to enhance their events.


Event & Party Lighting Rentals in Springfield, MO

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"We use Hollywood Lights for all of our Midnight Madness events. What a turnout!"

Andrew Covington,

Owner Ashley Furniture

About Hollywood Lights

Whether advertising a grand opening or promoting a church event, Hollywood Lights is sure to publicize your event with ambiance while being UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE!

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